Friday, October 10, 2008

MORE BOOKS for Everyone

MORE BOOKS went up on yesterday. An interview went up on the 20x200 blog today. I love working with Jen Bekman and her crew and highly recommend this experience to any artist. This sort of instant gratification is hard to come by working alone in the studio... 

"We are upstate with mom + bob now. Just made mom run to town so I could log in here at McDonalds to get a piece of art... I GOT THE LAST ONE! [$20]"

"Gorgeous, funny and I bought. In fact, I was driving from Witchita to St. Louis on my way to NY and bought on my iPhone on the side of the road. See you Nov 14."

"OMG. I SO didn't mean to buy it, but it was just so fucking turquoise. I couldn't resist. Damn you!"

More thanks to everyone who snatched up a print! Hope to see you all at Invisible-Exports on November 14th!